lindenfoxcub (lindenfoxcub) wrote in little_details,

blindfolds in executions

I have another question for the same story; googles firing squad + blindfold, but anything I could find was stating that a blindfold was used, but not why, or people answering the same question with "Well, I think this is probably why, but I don't really know."

Why was a prisoner to be executed blindfolded? Was it for their own benefit, or the gunmens'? I want my character to refuse the blindfold, bravely facing her death, but if it's so the firing squad doesn't have to look her in the eye, then they might force it on her. I can work with it both ways, I just don't want to sound dumb. I did find one site that mentioned a brit who refused the blindfold specifically so that the squad would have to look him in the eye, but still not why the blindfold was used in the first place.

Tags: ~human culture (misc)

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