Meg Leigh (megleigh) wrote in little_details,
Meg Leigh

Can someone please vet my French?

If anyone out there has better than 30 year old High School French and could let me know if I have correctly used the following I would grovel and send you postcards or something.

I will post my attempts followed by what I think I am saying below.

Êtes-vous blessé ? -- Are you injured? (hurt)
Nous présentons les disciplines. -- We present the disciplines
Allons. Les attentes de maître. -- Let's go. The master waits.
Doux un -- Sweet one
Mon doux -- My sweet

I have tried checking these myself using

They appear to be correct, however, I know the value of the native speaker/fluent speaker of a language taking a look so I am also requesting help here.

I will be most grateful for any and all help, especially from those well versed in the language.

Babel Fish translates them as what I think they should be, but we all know about the dangers of translation engines. :)

merci beaucoup!
Tags: ~languages: french

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