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terms for male impotence/ED in the 1930s (United States)

If you were a young man in your 20s in the United States in the 1930s, how would you refer to your impotence/inability to achieve an erection? I mean, you wouldn't, really, because it's shameful and something not talked about, but was there some kind of slang/euphemism for it at all? Or was it just called "impotence?"

All I've been able to find, through various combinations of impotence + erectile dysfunction + 1930s + great depression (and your usual wiki lookup), are "treatments" (mostly folk lore and pseudoscience, back in the day, and it seems like surgery was just beginning to be explored as an option) and, like, one scientific paper.

I hope this request makes sense. Thanks!
Tags: 1930-1939, usa: history (misc), ~medicine: historical, ~sex

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