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Oklahoma crimes/disappearences in the 60s

Searched: crimes in 1961 +oklahoma; disappearences in 1961 +oklahoma; and incarnations of both with other dates in the early to mid 60s, with and without oklahoma attatched.

Scenerio: (for a Supernatural fanfic, guys; don't be hatin') Ellen is relating to Sam how she knew Mary, and it goes down basically like this: they were both little kids in the early to mid 60s (Ellen older than Mary, but only by a couple of years), there was a rash of SOME CRIMES OR DISAPPEARENCES OR SOMETHING, and Mary's older brother Joseph ended up protecting them from the THING that was causing the issues, leading to their vested interested in Mysterious Creepy Things and their eventual work as Hunters. And the rest is, uh, cool history with lots of salting and burning and lesbian sex craziness, until Mary met John in 1979, got herself knocked up, got herself married, got herself knocked up AGAIN, and then ended up pinned to the ceiling on fire.

Question: Since I know all the rest of my headcanon mythos for Ellen and Mary's combined backstory, my question is: Were there any consistent crimes/disappearances in the early/mid 60s that could be blamed on a supernatural beastie (though I suppose I could find a beastie to blame it on, even if it doesn't seem like there should be one)?
Tags: 1960-1969, usa: oklahoma

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