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Killing a character: impalement

Hi.  Uhm, this is my first post here, and what better way to start off with than a little bit of murder?
I've scoured the archives here for something that could answer my question.  Google answered "impalement" and its synonyms with mostly historical accounts or wonderful happy stories of saving people from death by impalement.  Wikipedia was helpful.  I looked up impalement itself, and then just sort of went through everything I could think of, from torture killing to Christian martyrs.
For the bit about the fence, Wiki was unhelpful, and I'm unsure how to Google it.  Everything I tried gave me people trying to sell me fences.

Anyway, the setting is a moderately sized, fictional city in Virginia, US.  The present.

On to questions?

If a previously healthy (though not particularly fit or athletic) male around 32 years old were to be tortured for approximately a week and then impaled on a wrought iron fence, would it be possible for him to die before someone found him?  He would be impaled at night, between eleven and midnight, and found in the early morning, around dawn.  Wiki said up to three days, which is a bit, uhm, discouraging, but I couldn't find anything that mentioned what would happen if the victim was already severely injured enough to be dying before getting impaled.  Injuries would include some internal bleeding, severely broken bones, exhaustion, dehydration, starvation, and what you would expect from his circumstances.  Is this timeframe at all possible?  If it matters, he'd be positioned vertically, the fence going up through his lower back.
If not, I was planning on going with a bit of horrible bleeding, probably from the wrists, to speed things up a little.

Also, am I correct in thinking that, if the fence were fairly tall and showy, the rod would make it out of his body, too, before the first horizontal bar stopped him?  I'm pretty sure this varies fence to fence, but just, yanno, average.

And, uhm, sorry for the rambliness.  I wasn't too sure about how to ask.  Thanks in advance.
ETA: Got what I need.  Thanks again to everyone who helped!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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