Voleur de Feu (voleurdefeu) wrote in little_details,
Voleur de Feu

Werewolves in literature

Setting: Czech Republic, near future, urban fantasy
Terms googled: werewolves/ lycanthropy in literature, famous/ well known werewolf characters, and variations thereof

One of my characters - a werewolf, you might have guessed - is a secret agent. He's using plenty of aliases, all of them anagrams of the names of famous fictional werewolves (he's the kind of guy who considers something like this a brilliant idea). 

The problem: 
I've found so much material on this topic, but I'm currently having a hard time figuring out which of the characters and novels are quite well known (or, at least, not totally obscure), so that in the course of the story the antagonist could - based on the choice of pseudonyms - draw his assumptions about Mr.Secret Agent's true nature.
(The only characters I've come up with so far were Bisclavret from the 12th century poem, Terry Pratchett's Discworld werewolves and and Lupin from the Harry Potter -series. Yes, I'm an expert *le sigh*)

The big question:
So, to put it quite simple: which fictional characters pop into your mind when you think "werewolf"?

Any help would be highly appreciated! 

Edit: I guess, I have what I need now. Thank you so much, you have been incredibly helpful. Merci!
Tags: ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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