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Discontinutation of Thorazine after very short-term use (Present day)

I'm writing another Batman fanfic. Canon has one character spirited into a mental institution by his enemies, whereupon he is immediately beaten, placed in a straitjacket, and injected with Thorazine. (Please, no comments on how commitment doesn't work that way, nor the likelihood of Thorazine being the first drug tried, present-day. This--unfortunately--is canon.)

In my fic, I'm having his allies discover his location no more than 72 hours after the Thorazine is first administered.

Now, Wikipedia gave me some good info on what would happen if he'd been on the drug longterm and then stopped taking it. For the timeframe I'm working with, though, I've been unable to find a site that explains what to look for in terms that my limited science background can make sense out of.

Basically, what I need to know is, assuming that he receives the maximum 'safe' dosage (I don't plan on needing actual numbers, but if it matters, the character is in his mid-20s, 5'10", 190 lbs, and extremely fit and muscular):

1) What state will he be in when his allies find him?

2)Once the director of the institution is aware of the situation and prepared to release the character, is it safe to release discharge him immediately into the care of a friend/family member? Or would the director
insist/recommend that the character stay at the institution/be moved to another hospital until the drug wears off?

3) How long until the drug is out of his system?

4) What indication will there be that it's wearing off?

5) How will he feel as it leaves/has left his system? (e.g. Tired, hungry, itchy?) Will any of these effects continue for any period of time after the drug has left his body?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~medicine: drugs

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