catwoman (missblackheart7) wrote in little_details,

Titles in Victorian England

I've done lots of research on titles but since this is an unlikely situation, I couldn't find anything about this in particular.

Let's say I have a character called John Smith and he's a baron. Formally he'd be called The Right Most Honourable Lord Smith, saluted with "My Lord", addressed in speech as Lord Smith, called only Smith by friends and family, etc. But what if Most Honble. Lord Smith worked in the police as a detective? (Yes, I do get that this is very unlikely but Lord Smith actually got his peerage for solving a really really high-profile case and he refuses to leave his job despite having wealth, status, etc.)

So, would the fact that he's a detective be somehow acknowledged in the way people address him in different situations, or not?

(and no, this isn't really Victorian England, just a fictional country very closely modeled by it)
Tags: uk: nobility, ~victorian era

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