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tiny rage cakes

Comas, wars, etc.

1.) Character A has been in a coma for a year or two, but has recently come out of it. What type of rehab would she need to go through? How long would it take before she's able to resume her life pre-coma (medium-strenuous physical activity, eating, etc.)? I'm also wondering what sort of psychological adjustments a coma patient would have to make, once they wake up -- how do they catch up with all the time that they've missed, how do they adjust? The story takes place in quote-unquote modern times, so anything medical would have to date from the late 1990s onward. My Google-fu is apparently not up to par, so any help would be lovely.
[edit: *facepalm* I am one of the uneducated masses, sorry. This is for a not-very-realistic fandom, so I figure I don't have to be too accurate either -- so given minimal brain damage, how might this person function, is a better way to rephrase the question, maybe?]

2.) Unrelated to the above: I've got two countries that have been locked in a land dispute for several generations (country X and country Z are fighting over island Y). I would like to read up on actual historical wars that have lasted for years & years on end, and how it was resolved, et cetera so I can steal things, but I have no idea where to start looking. Suggestions?

3.) Totally unrelated to the above: Character B is a man in his mid/late twenties in Japan, and well-off financially (or takes pains to appear so). What brand of cigarettes would he be buying?

Thanks. :D

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