Loki's Raven (lokis_raven) wrote in little_details,
Loki's Raven


I writing my first erotic novel and it's a road trip story that takes place going east to west, from Greensboro NC to Las Vegas NV, on Interstate 40. The problem is, I've never actually ridden or driven this highway, just yearned to (part of it is a portion of Route 66, I believe). I have been researching via Google and Flickr for interesting details to include in descriptions of the trip, other than general road details. If anyone has been fortunate enough to ride this road and remembers particular sightseeing spots or details that stick out in the mind, I'd love to hear about them! I know there's more important things to detail in an erotic story, but I'd love to include a sense of place as well. :)
Tags: usa (misc), usa: arizona, usa: arkansas, usa: california, usa: nevada, usa: new mexico, usa: north carolina, usa: oklahoma, usa: tennessee, usa: texas, ~travel: ground & rail

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