it's gonna be monster splendid! (oritsu_luv) wrote in little_details,
it's gonna be monster splendid!

Rage Blackouts?

Googled: anger, blind rage, anger blackouts, 'no memory of', memory loss
Time: NYC, Present Day

My MC is in his early thirties, was raised by drug addicted, physically abusive parents until the age of 11, has a history of anger/rage issues, been in anger management before.

He comes home to find his lover in bed with another man. He snaps, beating up the other man, might have killed him if his lover hadn't jumped in. He hits his lover a few time and then has sex with him(they often enjoy rough sex, but this goes beyond the norm.)

When he wakes in the morning, how clear will his memories of the previous night be? I assume he'll remember the beginning (walking in) and probably the tail end (at least tending the his lover's various cuts) but what about the height of his rage when he lost all self control? Would he have fuzzy memories? Or is it possible there would be a blank spot there?

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