picky_dragon (picky_dragon) wrote in little_details,

Old Book on Mythological creatures

Once again, looking for obscure things.

Googled: Minotaur old book acrylic painting mythology (any and all of these words in many different combinations).

I'm trying to find an old book that I read as a child, the memory is very important to me. Very specifically the book had a page about The Minotaur, and most importantly, a detail of a painting of the Minotaur itself. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone can find this book or this painting for me, I'd be very happy--in it, the minotaur's head is a dark, dark black, with very little detail, all you can see is the shape of his head, his horns, his eyes, and the ring through his nose. His body by comparison, even though it is very strong-looking, is pale and seems almost vulnerable in contrast with the bull head.

There is a lot of black, flesh and red in the picture.

There were also pages about the Gryphon, Roc, and Cyclops. All of them had similarly starkly colored paintings, lots of black, blue, and red.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

(By the way, I realize that this is not really a community for finding things, and thank you for all the suggestions for other communities in which to look--however, so far this has been the best set of answers for finding the book I have gotten, even better than the answers I got at the book-finding communities, and I do appreciate all the help!)

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