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Reclining car seats....

Okay. Perhaps i'm just blanking on a good search term, but i can't really find anything. When, approximately, did the 'reclining car seat' become popular/available?

By this i mean - the kind of front car seat you can recline backwards into an almost flat, lying-down position.

I know older cars had seats that went *forward*, so that you could climb into the back passenger seat on a two-door model, but when did the seat going *backwards* become available? I know that my SO's 75 Nova didn't recline backward, and neither did my 71 Maverick, but our...hrmmm...eighty-something....eighty-four? eighty-three? Renault seat *did*.

So...any ideas?

Searched for 'reclining car seat' and 'history reclining car seat' and a couple other variations and all i got was a lot of hits for child car seats, so i'm stumped for a good search string.

ETA: I'm seeing, in the links in comments, that *bucket* seats did recline in older model cars, but did bench seats ever recline? I'm thinking they really didn't. I'm writing about a car with a front bench seat, *possibly* a split bench. It's hard to tell but it does look solid.
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