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Searched: cost of hotels in london, cheap hotels +london, love hotels +london (which led me to find that there aren't any in the UK)

Scenario: Ashleigh and Patrick would like to be ~*~intimate~*~, thank you very much. ETA: Both are 17, and Ashleigh's just recently had his birthday earlier in the month (due to several people wanting to know how old they were). Ashleigh attends a boarding(private???) school in London, but lives at home; Patrick is visiting, and it's getting to the end of his stay in London (he's staying with his mother's cousin and her family). The last time they were ~*~intimate~*~ (though not to the same extent; they were working up to it), they were at Ashleigh's house, and Ashleigh's little brother walked in on them, so doing it at Ash's house is out of the question; and since Patrick is visiting, he doesn't want to piss off his mom's cousin, who he's staying with. Ashleigh has the brilliant idea to get them a hotel room.

Question(s): Where are there cheap hotels/motels in London--or within a close distance, since money's tight? How much would a room cost? How much guff would they get for getting the room (it's set modernly, but it's still two teenage boys getting a room together)? IS THIS SCENARIO EVEN PLAUSIBLE, because if it isn't, then I have to figure out something ELSE for them to do so that they can have their sexy funtimes.

(ETA that has nothing to do with the question: Thank you, everyone, who has pointed out to me that Ashleigh is apparently a girl's name in Britain. My only response that I can come up with at this point is: My cousin Emily. Who is a boy. Girls' names happen with boys. Boys' names happen with girls. This is, generally, how we end up with unisex names. So, please, can I stop being reminded that it's a girl's name? Thank you for all the insights, in this and the question itself.)

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