Ian A. A. Watson (etherlad) wrote in little_details,
Ian A. A. Watson

Secret societies

Setting: A fantasy-horror Victorian London, around 1892-1897. (Set in the original World of Darkness, for those familiar.)

Search Terms: secret societies, victorian societies, hermetic order of the golden dawn, rosicrucians, gentlemans clubs, etc. Encyclopedia has nothing, neither does my huge tome purporting to cover everything about the Victorian period.

Problem: Writing a story, which will heavily involve various secret societies. Some of them will be actual societies which existed at the time, some of them will be fictional creations. The only real society I know of is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Even then, I can't find much on them in the Victorian era, because the Order's still around in the present, so most material is about the modern Order.

So, given the scarcity of apparently available material, I'm looking for anything regarding secret societies in the Victorian era. Either detailed stuff about the HOGD I can use (even if it's just for inspiration), or general information about the phenomenon of hidden societies in that period. Anything would be a help.

Thanks in advance.

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