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Fantasy world, technology but not all technology

Q: I am dealing with a low-magic fantasy world, which has had to step up it's technology due to the lack of magic and the influx of a number of intelligent people. The world has access to almost everything we have. The catch is that combustion and electricity do not work. So this nation of half a million gifted people, who start at a near rennaisance period (minus guns) has had 200 years to work on their technology, minus anything having to do with combustion or engineering. Furthermore, there are no fossil fuels including coal and gasoline.

edit: Thanks so far. What we have determined is that some combusstion occurs, but not useful combustion.. There are no fossil fuels (as there are no dinosaurs, ancient plants, etc.). Wood burns to make fire, but there is no coal. Furthermore, while natural electricity is present (such as in the human body or lightning), it is impossible to harness. (an explanation why it COULD be impossible to harness it would also be appreciated, better to have some reason than "no one has thought of it". perhaps we can play with the rules of conductivity a bit?)

Thanks to I have determined several things that would probably be around:
Barbed wire (and thus wire)
printing press and sewing machine
eyeglasses and perhaps contact lenses (glass only)
cotton gin
Parachutes or hang gliders

Furthermore, some things that would not work
-Steam Engines (no coal or other substances means no easy burn for steam production)
-Plastic (no fossil Fuels means no extract of fossil fuels)
-engine/car/train (no combustion)
Tags: history (misc), ~technology: pre-industrial

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