Sollers (sollersuk) wrote in little_details,

I know there's a colloquial term for when someone has eyes of different colour, but can't track it down. Preferably opprobrious - my character is talking about the Emperor Anastasius in a very uncomplimentary manner, and as spoken Greek of the time could be as vulgar as Vulgar Latin, the English term I need to use also needs to be slangy. UK for preference, but all contributions gratefully accepted.

Terms searched for were combinations of eye colour, mismatch, variation, terms, colloquialism, slang (checked out mosaicism but no colloquialisms there!)

ETA: thanks to all for heterochromia, but "that heterochromic bastard" doesn't have the right ring somehow! For further information, I have unbounded admiration for Anastasius, but my character detests him because he started off his reign (in fact, it was a major factor in his being made Emperor) as apparently Orthodox but has recently been emerging as a Monophysite. And this is, after all, the Eastern Empire in the late 5th century.
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