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Would your hair blow in outer space?

When: Distant future. We're talking 2-3 thousand years in the future.

Where: Somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, on an intergalactic ship designed to "catch" comets and random space anomalies to harvest them for energy.

Searched: "does hair blow in space", "wind in space", "air in space", "velocity in space", and I looked up random articles about space travel and space physics.

On this ship there are people who go up onto a pad of sorts on the ship where they "wrangle" the comets and such with something akin to lassos (this piece is something like a wild west space adventure). Since this is the future, i've made it so that the characters don't have to wear huge helmets to stand out in space without dying. Hence their heads are free of obstruction.

A character gets up onto this pad and is in a specially designed suit and he gets out his "lasso" while the ship is still moving to keep up with the pace of the comet...

Since his head is free of any outside material, and the ship is moving, would his hair blow back from his face? Or since there is very little air in space would it not? I don't know enough about physics to make a guess.

Thanks in advance everyone! I know you won't let me down!
Tags: ~science: astronomy

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