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two thousand

a sci-fi battery of questions:

about dimensions, crew, hold capacity and provisions, etc. also economics and military...

1. first and foremost, I need to know how big my ship is, it's a mid-class SMALL long distance freight hauler and at the moment it has a crew of only four. I'm thinking of basing its measurements off of some sort of naval ship or sommat but I wouldn't even know how to go about that etc.
2. I need to know the approximate provisions that a crew of four would have to have stocked in order to be assured a healthy diet for approx. 4-6 months at a stretch, calorie counts are welcome they're all adults, three of them are in perfect health, one of them has a chronic nuerological disease that's being treated.
3. just exactly how big would a mid-class freight hauler be, in nautical terms. Would it be enough to carry a house, two houses? Only six cars or not even three?
4. if someone joined the army/navy at the age of 18 how old would they be at their first usual chance to be honorably discharged yadda yadda yadda. Both officer and enlisted would be helpful ^^
5. how big would quarters on the aforementioned (question 1) ship be for the crew and captain (presumably the captain gets nicer digs).
6. given that the present economical situation in the United States remains constant what would inflation or deflation have done to the american dollar. (best to give to me in terms i can understand: a hamburger costs seventeen dollars or a new car costs five)

well, that's it for now ^^

also accidentally x-posted to my journal...gah
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