SHINIGAMITTS シニガミツ (mr_mitts) wrote in little_details,

USS Makin Island and similar craft layouts

Googled: ship plans, ship schematics, LHD-8, LHD schematics, LHD plans and more
Time/Date: The day after tomorrow

Before we start, yes, I know this is impossible. I know I'm not going to get what I want. But I hope someone can give me at least some rough info.

I'm writing a book set on board a WASP-class amphibious assault ship (or somewhat similar, mainly due to its being tip-top-secret). The only problem is I have no idea how an aircraft carrier is set out by deck. I don't need things exact (nor do I want it exact because that would just get in the way), but the book demands some sort of map. Basically, I need a rough guide of what one would find on the two decks underneath the landing-deck, and what are on each deck of the conning tower up to the bridge.

I don't need it exact, because I can make that up, but a deck-by-deck plan of what one would find and the rough equipment there would help.

Tags: ~boats and other things that float, ~military (misc)

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