Insanity Abounds (quitereasonable) wrote in little_details,
Insanity Abounds

Birth certificate requirements

Okay, so in my novel, my character gives birth to the baby and puts a false father's name on the birth certificate. The novel takes place in Texas. I recently found out that if the parents are unmarried that the father has to sign paperwork agreeing that he is the father of the baby or have other proof submitted in order for the state to put his name on the birth certificate. My 'false' father is willing, but not able to back up the agreement with his identification and such.

My question is what state does my character need to give birth in for this not to be the case? Or what date does she need to give birth in Texas if this is a recent requirement.

I've tried researching this on the Texas government website ( and also googling USA birth certificate with various other keywords, such as requirement, father, proof.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~law (misc)

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