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Chain of custody for a child who's just lost her mother

I've tried googling this, and nada. Terms used: transfer of custody parent death california, california laws custody parent death, california adoption law

Location: Present-day California, LA to be exact.

I've got a couple, A and B, who had a child together after a one-night stand, B only found out about the child after A's death when the child was a year old. A had no other surviving relatives- the child either goes to B or foster care.

Now, my question is about the exact chain of custody for the child. I'm assuming that, after the death of the mother, she would temporarily be placed in the care of Child Services. Assuming her father is willing and able to take immediate custody of her when he finds out, what would be the approximate time frame before she is released to him? Would Child Services do any kind of background check, or would his name on the child's birth certificate be enough? If not, what kind of tests/paperwork would they have for him, and would him being in a same-sex relationship have any bearing on his eligibilty? (I'm talking unofficially here; I know Cali is one of the most liberal US states, but how likely is it that someone would throw a wrench in the works based on sexuality?)

Thanks in advance for all your help- it's much appreciated.
Tags: usa: california

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