J. (fantasticheria) wrote in little_details,

The appearance of a badly healed leg

If a tibia or femur is fractured and badly healed, resulting in malunion or pseudarthrosis, does the leg look abnormal (e.g. bent in some way) with clothes on? I suppose that it would in any case be shorter than the other one, but are there other visible characteristics or symptoms?

I've googled, also using the image search, and wiki'd with search terms such as 'malunion', 'pseudarthrosis', 'false joint', 'badly healed bone fracture' and read some articles / websites on medicine and treating bone fractures before the 20th century (that's when the story takes place), but haven't found an answer. The photos I've seen have mostly been X-rays (except in the case of congenital pseudrthrosis, but that's not what I'm looking for), which don't tell what the leg with such a fracture would actually look like.

Thanks a lot in advance!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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