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Drinks Names

Okay, so I'm posting as a non-native English speakers who deson't have the slightest idea of where to even start looking ...

One of my upcoming fics will take place motsly in a club that's gonna be quite popular (totally invented and supposed to be all-male and both a bar and actual club for dancing and meeting people, but anyway ...).
I know, from readin quite a lot of fictions online up to now, that some coktails and drinks happen to have very appropriate sexy names for places like these, like Blowjobs and Sex on the Beach ...

What I am looking for is if possible a list of those names, and what goes into each drink; I was afraid of googling that because I was quite sure that I would end up with lots of unrelated page. I'd appreciate any help, be it direct info or a link to a site that would have that kind of info.

Thanks a lot!

[EDIT : Thanks to everyone wo replied, I got good grounds to begin hunting now!]

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