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Adoption Laws in Japan

Setting: Present day Japan, likely near Tokyo

Research: I've searched google (Japanese adoption laws, adoption in Japan, etc)  but all I can find is information regarding international adoptions, ie an American couple trying to adopt a Japanese child.

Can someone provide me with information on how the adoption process within Japan works? The character trying to adopt is a single man, in his late 20's. He's generally healthy, if that makes a difference, and is trying to adopt a child that has no disabilities and has no special needs requirements.  What I'm specifically interested in is:

-How long it would take from contacting the agency to recieving full custody of the child

-What type of contact he would have with his potential son/daughter- only letters for the first few months? When would he be able to visit the child? Would he be able to actually take the child from their foster home/orphanage for an afternoon outing? Would he be able to take them for a stay overnight?

-If the child's birth parents or any relatives are still alive, would he have to meet with them?

-What type of legal process would he have to go through? Court dates? Some kind of inspection of where he lives?

Links to helpful sites would also be appreciated. Thanks!
Tags: japan: government (misc), ~adoption, ~custody & social services

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