Phoenix (phoenixflame7) wrote in little_details,

Certain play

Setting: Present day playhouse, onstage
Searched: Shakespeare database, googled for a play database but couldn't find much, racked my own memory

To understand my question, I should lay out the scenario:

A guy is stalking an actress. The actress is performing in a play. He has basically incapacitated an actor and stolen his costume. Since it'll guarantee him a way to be close to her, he has chosen an actor that exits at the same time she does and is impersonating him, so that he can take her away once they exit the stage. However, the actress, rather deranged herself and knowing he's a crazy stalker, murders him onstage.

In short, I need a play that this can happen in.


- Guy's character needs to exit with the female character

- Someone (preferably the actress's character, but it could be anyone) needs to have a bladed weapon or chain or rope or something capable of killing.

- Preferably an older, dramatic piece (like 'Tis Pity She's a Whore)

- The death could actually happen within the play (so that the audience thinks it's part of the show) but it doesn't have to.

- Irony is always great, but not a must.

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