Not 'gay' like 'happy'. (queerlikef_you) wrote in little_details,
Not 'gay' like 'happy'.

Abdominal blunt force trauma

Setting: New York City, present day.
Searched: google and webmd and emedicine for variations on internal bleeding, blunt force trauma, abdominal trauma, abdominal blunt trauma

I have a character who was assaulted -- several hits to the stomach with a lead pipe and several more with hard punches. I'm wondering what sort of injuries might occur from this aside from severe bruising, and what sort of medical treatment they would require. So far all I have managed to find about internal bleeding is that it would likely require surgery, but I can't figure out what sort of surgery or what the recovery time would be; these are all things I want to know before I decide the extent of the injuries, since I'd like to be realistic but also not have him laid up for ages and unplayable.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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