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Urban Mythology: British

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I'm looking for information on what urban and classic mythology my 1990's Manchester England street kid character might have run into, particularly 'modern mythology' aka urban legends. I'm less interested in "one shot story" type legends like The Choking Doberman and more interested in things like Black-Eyed Children, the Men in Black (I'm specifically interested in those two), Changlings, etc. Also, given the significant cross-cultural influence of India, is it likely that street kids might have run into some version of indian fairy tales or mythology, gods, and so on?

The purpose of all this is to create a mixed, warped street mythology - a Manchester England version of Myths over Miami, if I can manage it. I don't need details of the legends/stories; I just need an idea of what elements to throw into the pot. Some fudging of dates is fine - anything that would have been around from the 70s to the late 90s.


ETA: Apologies to everyone for not responding yet - sudden car troubles chewed up most of my weekend; I'll try to read and respond tomorrow after class!
Tags: 1990-1999, uk: folklore

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