jupirock (jupirock) wrote in little_details,

Getting into an apartment building

Setting: New York City / city resembling New York

Searched: "buzzer in apartment buildings," "apartment building security," "intercom in apartment building," and several variations thereof. Mostly what comes up is advertisements or advice for tenants.


As someone who has never lived in an apartment complex and has never known anyone who did (raised upper middle class in rural South Carolina), I really have no idea about any of this. I have a group of characters who are members of a barbershop quartet that has been hired to serenade a woman who lives on the fourth floor of an apartment building. I basically need to know the following:

- Would they be able to get in if she was not expecting them?
- What would they say to get in?
- How would the doorman/whoever respond? Or would he?

Thank you.

Tags: usa: new york: new york city

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