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Zoroastrianism and Marriage

I solemnly swear that I have literally spent the last three days on Google looking for this information and I'm hoping, with the vast wealth of knowledge of the people in this community, that someone can help me.

The fandom has no real time period (and there's definate elements of a fantasy/fairytale-like alternative universe), but I'm trying to place it solidly in the Persian Empire around 400 BC. I have a character that, though it is never explicitly mentioned in the canon, would have most certainly practiced Zoroasterianism. Though I've found lots of information on the ancient origins of the religion and the current movement and beliefs, I cannot find anything that would answer the following:

1. My character is the direct heir to the Persian throne. Might he be able to have multiple wives/a harem? Would this have even been allowed taking into consideration that he practiced Zoroasterianism?
2. Another canon given is that this character slept with the woman he intends to marry. Would there be a dire need to hide this fact? It's probably an important fact to note that this woman is sort of a creature of supernatural origin, so she's got no parents/relatives.

I appreciate any information that you have. I really want to get this right.

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