Ki (oddlilfruit) wrote in little_details,

Are Japanese police officers allowed to wear wedding rings?

I've Googled every combination of "japan", "police", "jewelry/ring/wedding ring/married" that I can think of, but all I'm finding are news articles about jewelry thefts and weddings. I know that in America, officers are allowed to wear wedding bands, but I've found that Japan tends to be stricter about uniforms in general, so I want to be sure.

The setting is modern-day Japan, somewhere in Tokyo (the exact city isn't specified).

The question: would a male officer be allowed to wear a wedding ring? (He's just a regular officer who works at a koban, not a sergeant or of high rank.) If so, are there any restrictions on the ring -- does it have to be a plain band, or can there be a stone on it?

eta: The ring does canonically have a stone. I can't get around this bit, sorry. :)

Thanks! :DDD
Tags: japan: government: law enforcement

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