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Victorian Era Fabric

Hello everyone! I'm a seamstress and am planning out a lady's maid outfit for a friend. The dress should be reasonably authentic to the mid 1860s. Since the dress I'll be wearing is a solid colour (purple with black trim) I thought it would be nice to make my friend's dress in some sort of print, and she said she'd like it to be a fairly light blue. I've googled 'Victorian fabric print costume' and any combination of those terms. I haven't found anything specific on what kinds of prints would have been available. I know there was plaid, and I'm reasonably sure they had stripes as well as calico and so on, but I want specifics. Photos of Victorian dresses/fabrics would be ideal, but a good description would do the trick. So my main questions are:

Prints: what kind of patterns would they be in? Floral? Geometric? What colours?
Stripes: how wide should the stripes be? What colours?

I'm not overly concerned that every detail must be OMG perfect, but I want it to at least pass the five foot test. If it makes a difference, my persona is a young, middle class widow and has one maid (my friend). That's pretty much all I know about our personas so far; I haven't even decided which country they're from (but most likely somewhere in North America). I also want our dresses to look nice when we're standing together, so here's a WIP pic of my gown so far, in case that matters.

Thanks in advance!
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