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England in 1957, a rundown, including: Cricket, slang, feelings toward Americans and the Cold War/WW

For a Shousetsu*BangBang story set in London during the summer of 1957 (from June to August), involving Patrick, an army brat who's father is stationed in Berlin who is visiting his mother's family--cousins and such--in London; and Ashleigh, the brother of a friend of Patrick's cousin. Six questions, all related to the story, with a few sub-questions.

1) Could someone give me the idiot version of Cricket? "cricket +rules" gave me An Explanation of Cricket, while "cricket +explanation" gave me Cricinfo's Cricket explained offered more of the same information. I get that the basics, I can understand the equipment, but as soon as it starts getting into pitch length and bowling and first-whicket partnerships...I'd like an explanation like I was a third grader. Or, even better, an explanation like I'm six.

1a) Are there school cricket teams, like there are school baseball/basketball/football teams? Are there intermural ones? More to the point: could my seventeen year old boarding-school student, Ashleigh, be playing cricket recreationally?

1b) Could a cricket player beat up a rugby guy? If he could, could he beat up three of them? Or is this a lost cause?

2) I have several examples of slang out of context from Salng of the Fifties (mostly American slang, with "british slang +1950") and Online Etymology Dictionary (which isn't alphabetical, with ""british" slang +1950"), but I was wondering if there was someone who could help me with the believablity of the dialogue Ashleigh uses, as he's my British boy and I am not British, and especially have issues with FIFTIES slang. And if this isn't an appropriate venue for this request, a nudge in the direct of somewhere that could help me?

3) I have a scene mapped out involving Ashleigh coming back to his house from cricket practice; he comes across a couple boys from his school in the park, roughing up Patrick. The mapping has it that they're roughing up and shouting at him about being American, the state the world is in due to the Cold War, the state London is in due to America turning a blind eye during World War II, and other things of the sort. Is such a confrontation believable? Are there other things they could rag on him for? Is it too much? And, return your attention to questions 1b. Yeah, this is what it's referencing.

4) How long's the summer break for boarding school kids?

4a) What's the schooling like on army bases? Are students taught to their home-country standard, or their resident-country standard?

5) What was the transportation like? Were their commercial airlines available? If they were, were there certain airspace restrictions?

6) Okay, guys, here's the kicker, I think: Ashleigh and Patrick become ~*~intimate~*~. In one scene, they're getting pretty hot and heavy, and Ashleigh's little brother walks in on them. What was the mindset on homosexuality in Britain--and London in particular--at the time? (I know the basics for America).

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