Perpetuator of Negligent Ethics [fanfic writer] (tyraarane) wrote in little_details,
Perpetuator of Negligent Ethics [fanfic writer]

Chicago suburbs

Where: Chicago
When: 2006/7-ish
Previously searched: Google, some random stabs in the dark on Wikipedia, and a few friends of mine who've lived in the Chicago area

Question: I'm writing a fanfic in which two of the main characters live in the Chicago area, and are rather wealthy. One of them is heiress to a diamond/jewelry empire, if that's any indication of their status. (The other is a mob boss-type.) My question is: where would they live? In going back and forth with some friends of mine who live around Chicago, we figured they'd live in one of the suburbs, but couldn't really come to a consensus about which would be the "richest" one/the most appropriate place for my characters to live.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: usa (misc), usa: illinois

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