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Poisoning -need help please.

Setting: Modern day Gotham City, Wayne Manor (lol) does not really matter overliy. Modern Day

Searched for this by reading archives for little_details, google, yahoo, merck manual on the three different conditions as well as other types of poisoning

Victim is an athletic, 23 (appr) year old male, 5'10", 175lbs of mostly muscle. Recooperating from mortorcycle injuries, Restricted mobility, walking on crutches, doing physical therapy. On some form of safe, non addictive pain reliever which would not knock him out.

Necessary criteria. = ,must be something easily accessed within home or a lab setting. Ideally it is something colorless and odorless. Something that at first presents symptoms mimicing a virus or flu and then gets worse. Does need to have an antidote. Would like some window, size optional between ingestion and the signs of symptoms. Bonus if there is a chance victim could be screaming in agony. possible convulsions or seizures.

For those of you curious, yes it is Batman. The victim is Nightwing, The poisoner is Damian. Initially only ones there are Damian, Nightwing and Robin. (Ok, I am a coward here. Trying to sneak anything by Alf would be very difficult. For angst purposes I also do not want Batman to suspect Damian right away, hence the inital symptoms matching a virus or flu, something he might initially disregard as not overly serious)

Right now I have three contenders, though one may not necessarily give me a window:

Here are the ones I've researched most and some questions I could not locate the answer for.

Choice #1 - Acetaminophen overdose. I like this because OTC pain killers would be easily available in any home. I researched and there is at least one name brand that advertises it is colorless, odorless, and completely dissolves in liquid, hot or cold. Given that the family has an aversion ot medicines and sometimes some ah stealth is required, the family having a product like this in their possession is entirely feasible. I know that according to Merck, for a 150 lb the toxic dose would be 6000 mg. I know one particular acetiminophen product contains about 1000 mg. 

1 - First, most information on this concerned children. Is it possible for adults to get this condition?

2 - What would be the proper therapeutic dose of this product for the victim for pain relief? OTC with this is ok or perscription. This basically is the amount that the victim and family know the victim is consuming.

3 - My thought is the poisoner would use liquid or liquid disollving product, to "spike" the victims drinks to put it into the toxic realm. My friend questions whether with the amounts involved it would be theoretically possible. Is it?

Choice #2 - Iron poisoning. I read the archive information and I LOVE the window and symptom progression. 

1 - Would a household of healthy males have iron supplements on hand? (Now these healthy males do have a tendency to be recovering from wounds or surgeries on occassion so the family has lost a lot of blood over the years.)

2 - Would/could iron from like chemistry lab uses be used?

3 - Would he be able to disguise the taste and/or odor so the person does not know that they are ingesting it? 

4- What kind of amounts would we be talking about and how feasible would that be?

Choice 3 - Serotonin poisoning. Okay this is a real longshot. Canonically they have never put character on antidepressants but ah realistically this dude would be on them, and significant doses, for a long time.  BUT like I said it might be too canon challenging so it is a last resort.

1 - How easily would a child be able to acquire St. Johns Wart?

2 - What types of painkillers would interact with an SSRI to produce this?

Any other ideas for poisonings would be appreciated. Personally I like to think Damian is very devious and arsenic would be a little beneath him. Also, it is done so often that frankly if Robin and Nightwing do not think of it right away they would look pretty dumb,

Thanks a million
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