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Air Force contract extension and notifications

(Originally posted in military_beta, but that community's been really quiet the last few months and I got no response)

Where: USAF (Stargate universe)
When: present day
Already googled: USAF, contracts, enlistment, "end of term", "separation from service" "inactive reserves," reserves, separation, terms, procedure, 'chain of command', letters, and multiple combinations thereof.

Question: I have an original character who is Air Force enlisted (she'll be E5 by the time this becomes relevant) and is coming up on the end of her four year enlistment. She does not intend to re-up, but she is not going to be permitted to separate - the Air Force decides to keep her in for the full length of the eight year contract instead of approving her transfer to the inactive reserves.

How does she find out about this change of plans? Would she receive a letter (and if so, any pointers towards examples of the text?), or would her CO be informed first and have to deliver the news himself?
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