Kayt (kayt_arminta) wrote in little_details,

Personal lubricant lasting times during anal sex

Where: North America
When: Present
Places previously searched: I can't think of anyplace I can go to get an answer on this that wouldn't just be smut. If anyone has a search string for Google or anyplace it would also be it would be appreciated.

Question: Okay, there's an add out there for a KY brand personal lubricant which advertises itself as the longest lasting personal lubricant. The question I have is, is this just for straight sex, which the ad shows or will it also stand up to anal sex. I know the tissue down there has a greater rate of absorbing liquids and I think a woman, after six hours of sex (which the ad kind of hints at with time stamps) would eventually add some of her own into the mix, but if it works well for the boys with boys I'd like to know, I can add it to something I'm writing. Could anyone help me please?

Secondary question would be what is the brand most gay men use in North America? Close to the Canadian and US Border someplace on the US side. Is it KY or something else?
Tags: ~sex

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