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Recreational Aviation For Dummies

I'm planning to write a Birds of Prey fanfiction in which a teenaged girl has to pilot a recreational aircraft after the pilot is incapacitated. (A long time ago, I read a novel along those lines, where a migrating goose crashed though the windshield. I can work with that.)

I've tried googling recreational aviation and recreational aviation for dummies, but I'm getting info that's a bit too technical for me.

Although the story is set in the present day US, my pilot learned how to fly fighter planes during WWII--which will probably influence her choice of craft, although in canon she's been shown as able to fly anything. So, while I'd like to give her a craft which would have controls similar to something she might have cut her teeth on, I can be flexible. My only requirement is that the cockpit seat two people.

Basically, I'm trying to determine what sort of plane to use, and what quirks the craft might have. If my teen radios for help, what sort of instructions might someone give if they're trying to talk her down?

I realize that I probably need a "big_details" community for this, but a search for lj communities came up empty, too.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~aviation

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