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whiplash and strangulation; kidnapping and search warrants

Two questions today!

Question one...
So, Character A is a fifteen-year-old girl of average height and build. She wears a neckerchief. Character B is your run-of-the-mill henchman. He's tall, wide, and muscular.

A and B are fighting in an average-sized hotel room. At one point, B is down on one knee. A is trying to dart past him. B reaches up, grabs her by the neckerchief, and yanks as hard as he can. Now what? I'm guessing A is on her back. How badly is she hurt? Is this more like a whiplash injury, a strangulation injury, or both? See, the thing that's tripping me up is that she's not being strangled with the neckerchief for a prolonged period of time; rather, the force is sort of instantaneous. Is she going to need medical treatment (she has ready access to a modern US hospital, if that's relevant)? What sort of side effects will there be? I was thinking stiffness/soreness in the neck, difficulty swallowing, bruising on the neck, a slightly raspy voice...does that sound right?

I've Googled various combinations of strangulation, whiplash, blunt force trauma, neck, instantaneous; as well as Wiki-ing things like strangulation and whiplash. I also did an ljseek search of this comm for entries relating to strangulation. I feel like this should've been easily Google-able, but none of the stuff I found really fit the situation I have in mind. Gah.

Question two...
Setting is vaguely somewhere outside Los Angeles, 20 years in the future. So, I have a lot of leeway on this, but I wanted to get an idea of how it's done "in real life". CSI/Law & Order realism is okay, if that's relevant.

Basically, the police has reason to believe that Evil CEO has a kidnap victim somewhere in his company's main building. There's a basement-level generic storage room where the kidnap victim is being held. Say the basement level is restricted the police need a search warrant to look down there?

Based on my layman's knowledge of search warrants, they wouldn't need one since all they're looking for is a person and not evidence... But if they go in without a search warrant, then any evidence they might find can't be used against Evil CEO in court. Unless the fact that they find a kidnap victim changes that somehow?

For this one I've Googled various combinations of search warrant, police procedure, kidnapping, and California; as well as the Wiki pages for those topics as well. I also did an ljseek search on this comm for entries relating to search warrants.

Thanks so much in advance for any help!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~missing persons

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