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St. Paul's Cathedral, London


I'm writing a crime story that takes place this year in various places in Europe, one of them London. I'm looking for details about St. Paul's Cathedral in London for an advent that takes place there. I have searched quite extensively (Google, Wiki, going through the official site and read quite a few articles about the place, plus several travel blogs. I've even gone throught he books I could find about London in the library. I am a librarian and hope I know what I'm doing but if you can suggest something I haven't tried I'd much appreciate it) and found many pieces of information but not what I need.

Basically I need answers to two questions:

1) When going up to the Whispering Gallery is there a door in front of the stairs downstairs that could be locked or would there only be a rope closing off the area if needed? I understand you have to pay a fee to be allowed up the stairs but if you planned to sneak up while it's closed for renovations or something, could you?

2) According to several pictures of the gallery there are doors all around. Are they all open or are they usually locked? Whether they are open or not, do they all lead back to the staircase to get back down? I'm guessing by a hall then but I could obviously be wrong.

I haven't been able to find anyone mentioning these things, probably because they're too busy talking about the magic of the whispers, rather than the doors and stairs, lol

This is the first time posting to this community so I hope I'm doing this right. I tried to search the archive but couldn't find anything about this.

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