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Overdose Suicide that didn't quite work - what happens next?

The Setting: modern-day, semi-surreal, non-existant American city (no specific region).

Places I've already looked: various wikipedia pages (suicide methods, overdose, analgesic, suicide, the manual of suicide, etc), all over suicidemethods.net, the tags of little_details.

The Question: What it says in the subject line.

I've got a depressed character who makes an attempt at suicide - takes a huge lot of pills (the type is up in the air, can be fiddled with), vomits most of them up & goes unconscious & is found & hospitalized.

He tries this on New Year's (he's found pretty much at the stroke of midnight), and I'd like if another character could talk to him (well, yell at him) on Jan. 5th, in his own room. (I presume he would be bedridden at the time.)

So ... what would I be looking at in the way of how he is at the time of the conversation? Physically? I know it probably depends a lot on the types of pills and etc, but again, that is a detail I can go back and fix once I know what I'm looking for. (Also possible to jsut leave it unanswered.) Mentally? I know that depends on his character, and I've got an idea of how he would act, but any help you can give me I'd appreciate hugely.

Thanks in advance, you guys!
Tags: ~medicine: overdose, ~suicide

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