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Lacerations, etc...

Right, so, character A somehow manages enough force to punch/crash his hand through a car window. I know, I know. It's safety glass, so obviously it completely shattering isn't a huge issue, but aside from that, what sort of damage can be expected?

I'm assuming heavy bleeding, but would nerve/muscle damage be a possibility?

Say the character doesn't make any real attempt to stop the bleeding (he has a shirt wrapped around his arm) for several minutes after the window incident. What effect would this have?

When the bleeding is finally stopped (with attempts to stop it starting about fifteen minutes in,) what situation would he find himself in? When taken to the hospital (he might get there 30-45 minutes after the initial impact) would any sort of stay be necessary? Assuming he passes out from shock/bloodloss, what kind of treatment would occur?

Thanks for any help.

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