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19th century rooms (possibly in Denmark?), or rather, to be honest: Kierkegaard's room

Hi there :)

I am currently painting a rather smallish painting which is set in a room in the 1840ies in Copenhagen, Sören Kierkegaard's room. I hope it doesn't matter that it is a painting and not something written.

I hope that helps, it' s either in (pictures are huge) this house, or maybe this one.

I want to know about the
-floor (maybe some dark parquet?)
-wall covering/ pannelling

I know about the furtniture, only (caution, huge again :) ) this desk and this cupboard and another small table will be viewable.

I' ve looked through the communities tags and tried LJ search but didn't find anything. I googled, of course, things like "biedermeier rooms", "19th century floor", "19th century room"-- you get the idea. I also flipped through some history books, but couldn't really find anything.. Pictures would be appreciated but are not necessary, just anything you know, I would be so grateful. Everything you know doesn't exactly have to be about the 40ies, everything around that time anywhere in northern Europe is fine because I found nothing and am worried that I will make huge mistakes, haha.

Thanks in advance :D
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