Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord (ingriam) wrote in little_details,
Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord

Metal clothes

Background: I have this character in my stories - or, least I'm planning to - who had some sort of magical accident happen to him. Because of this, any living or formerly living matter he touches turnes to dust.

To get around this, his clothes are woven from metal. I'd like to know what would be the best methods of caring for such clothes, if they would have any special needs as opposed to more normal clothes, and what the best - as in lightest and most comfortable - metals to use would be.

Edits for clarification: he cannot eat; the magic is what keeps him alive. He wears gloves made of the same material as his clothes to avoid touching things, and sometimes a cloak if he wants to be really sure about not touching anything.
Tags: ~clothing, ~metals

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