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Causing an EMP with a nuclear explosion

Setting: Modern day US, probably in a well-populated urban area. I was thinking maybe Los Angeles in June or July. I'd say late morning, early to mid afternoon.

Summary: So, I'm writing an apocalypse-themed fic, and I decided to go with a diffuse EMP (caused by a nuclear explosion) for various reasons. A friend and I talked nuclear explosions and EMPs the other night, and I got a lot of very helpful information from her. I also found out a lot of useful information on Google and Wikipedia that I'll probably end up using. However, I have a question she couldn't answer and I couldn't find through google. I want to know what a nuclear explosion would look like to the people on earth from 200 miles above earth's atmosphere. I googled "nuclear explosion earth atmosphere 200 miles" and "nuclear explosion space" but the pictures and info provided weren't quite what I was looking for.

A bit of info I found interesting was that those random crazies with the aluminum lined walls would probably be safe from the EMP caused by the nuclear explosion, heh.

I may come back with more questions later. Any help is appreciated!
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