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Chinese attitudes towards abortion: 1930-1950

Setting: Kaoshiung, Taiwan
Time: 1935-1953, 1968
Googled terms: "history Chinese abortion," "history attitudes Chinese abortion," "Chinese attitudes abortion"
Read: Behind the Silence: Chinese Voices on Abortion (book), various websites about the one-child policy

My character was born in 1935 in Kaoshiung, Taiwan and immigrated to the States in approximately 1954. In 1968, she becomes pregnant; for various reasons, she feels she has no choice but to obtain an illegal abortion. I've been trying to find information about the sort of cultural attitudes regarding abortion that she would have been raised with in Taiwan, but so far all of my research has turned up facts about the legality of abortion in China (illegal till 1953) and women's contemporary attitudes on the subject in light of the one-child policy, which did not come into play until after 1968. If anyone has any first-hand knowledge about the subject, or could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

One more thing: I was thinking that I could cast this issue in the light of Buddhism (i.e. having my character raised in a Buddhist family), therefore simplifying the question to some degree. But I'm really more interested in attitudes that are not necessarily sprung from Buddhism.

Thank you very much in advance.
Tags: china: history, taiwan: history, ~medicine: historical

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