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Staging a show for a (very) local band/General behind-the-scenes workings

XD I've been priding myself on not posting here for as long as I have. Now is the time to come crawling, because I can't find anything that works with what I need.

I'm currently writing a slash story about a band. I have the slash part down-pat; it's the band part that I need help with, because I'm not really the sort to frequent concerts-- I don't know why I decided to write a story about a band.

So, here's the specs.

Time frame: Modern day, 2000's.
Setting: Northeastern US. Not in New York, but not in the boonies, either.
Google terms: band gig preparations (And many variations thereof), concert rig set-up, and many others that I've forgotten. I have no Google-fu skills.

1) The band in my story is not big time at all. In fact, the only reason they have a show is because they perform at a club owned by a band mate's relative, and as such, the members usually end up helping out a lot with the preparations for their gigs. Is this even realistic?

2) Because the group is so hands-on with the preparation for their concerts, they interact a lot with (the one or two) people who work on the technical aspects-- lighting, stage set-up, et cetera. I need my guitarist character to have a misunderstanding (And subsequent argument) with a tech person... But, about what?

3) I'm not exactly sure how to word this. When is a band "popular" enough to get a gig somewhere that isn't their local scene? What even constitutes what the "local scene" is? I hope I didn't ask this badly.

Thanks for any help you may give; I'm embarrassingly awkward with how I word things. ♥
Tags: ~music
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