J.J. Blue (jjblue1) wrote in little_details,
J.J. Blue

Schizoid & Echo Personality Disorders

Hi, I'm searching for more info about the Schizoid personality disorder and Echo Personality Disorder since I've a character who should have Schizoid personality disorder and another who should have Echo Personality Disorder.
More specifically what causes them (genetic? education? trauma?) and if they can be cured and how, but I would apprecciate greatly also any other info you might have about the behaviour of people with such disorders so i could realistically flesh out the characters.
Also, people with such disorders can be aware there's something 'wrong' with them and wish to be cured/act normally/change or will they be blind to their state?

Thank you to whoever can help!

Edit: The story is placed in present time, Japan.
The characters hadn't been raised by their parents.
The Schizoid showed symptoms from early childhood up to adult age and had a parent who was probably suffering of a personality disorder.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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