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Refugees in the United States

I'm looking on specifics for protocol on refugee resettlement in the United States. So far I've googled "refugee assistance united states" and come up with the Department of Health and Human Service and the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, but beyond that and the official website, I'm coming up short on how the department works, what kind of people it employs, and the extent to which employees of this branch of government would interact with resettled refugees in the US. At present my most informative source was a documentary called God Grew Tired of Us about Sudanese refugees in the US, and in that one they were pretty much left well enough alone to find jobs and education to the best of their abilities.

I know this seems a bit broad, but basically I'm looking for specifics on the internal workings/bureaucracy of the DoHHS and what kind of people work there and what they actually do, besides handing out apartments and pats on the back and a "good luck!". I'm also curious as to whether private benefactors (i.e. corporate "sponsors", as it were) ever become a factor in sponsoring individual or groups of refugees in the US. Thanks a bunch!
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