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Palace of Versailles: how many rooms?!

googled/wiki'ed: Palace of Versailles, Versailles Gardens (got that info more or less with the dling of a big-ass PDF map), gone through so many images of Versailles it's not even funny.

setting: Star Trek universe, the "modern-day" begins roughly spring 2381.

background: this is an offshoot to a fic i co-wrote late last year. in that story, set in 2379, my co-author and i decided that a trade/peace agreement requested by the Cardassians was the setting for our story. this conference took place on Cardassia Prime and it was implied that this was just the beginning to pave the way for Cardassia to make amends after the events of the Dominion War (see Deep Space Nine canon) and rejoin Alpha Quadrant society.

info on the current story: cut to eighteen months later. the story i'm working on now is a followup to the above Cardassian conference. basically for Federation and Starfleet officials, and government officials from the Federation-allied worlds to further discuss the results of the Cardassian negotiations et al. seeing as Paris is the capital of the Federation, i decided that the best nearest place that could house a couple hundred or so bodies for two months and have enough room for everyone to have their space AND hold not only official meetings but formal banquets for downtime, would be the Palace of Versailles.

what i need: mostly what the subject line says but a lil more--see below.

-- how many rooms exactly are IN the Palace itself??
-- can they accomodate at least fifty to a hundred guests for staying there day and night for two months (i am thinking that most of the Fleeters will just stay in Paris and transport over each day, so this is thinking of the guests coming from other worlds/parts of the Federation)? (note: numbers unclear, may change, but i'm thinking fifty would be the minimum here, including my main character, who is personal aide to the diplomat co-chairing the Versailles Summit)
-- what rooms could serve as meeting halls/ballrooms for the formal banquets?

anyone who's been to Versailles themselves, or a Trekkie like me (or both!), feel free to chime in too. thanks very much!!
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